Electronic Safe Start.

A safer ignition system for your personnel

Orgo-Thermit has developed an electronic ignition system for initiating Thermit® reactions, which allows personnel to be clear from the reaction during ignition.

The reaction initiator is a capacitor discharge machine. Primary power to charge the capacitor and to operate the electronics is supplied by the 8 ALKALINE type “AA” 1.5 volt dry cell batteries. The unit is neatly housed in a durable hand held PC/ABS composite plastic case.

Starters consist of a specially constructed tube filled with an exothermic ignition powder and an electrical connector wire. These are a one-time use consumable item; thus one is needed for each reaction. The Starter’s materials are not regulated by the ATF, nor do they require regulated ATF storage. The Starter’s materials are not classified as DOT Hazardous Materials for shipping or storage and no EX Number is required for shipping and storage.

Always observe safety requirements as defined by the railroad property owner. Proper personal protective equipment should always be worn. Users of this equipment should be properly trained in Thermit® Welding techniques and familiar with this procedure before equipment use.



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