Comprehensive Training Programs.

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Orgo-Thermit® conducts comprehensive welding training programs for railroad welding and contractor personnel. Only currently certified welders shall be permitted to install Thermit® welds. We offer training and qualification in welding techniques and safe product usage. The training modules include safety, tools, procedure, productivity, and avoidance of weld defects.

Upon completion of training, Orgo-Thermit provides a certificate to those individuals who demonstrate the proper procedural skills in accordance with the "Orgo-Thermit Welding Procedures Manual." Training can take place at our training facility in Manchester, NJ, at the jobsite, or at a contractor's facility. Contact Randy Dry or GeorgeAnne Tutunjian for information regarding our training program.

Thermit welder certification course

1 or 2 days for thermit track welders

Meets annual recertification requirements

Defect analysis and failure mode course

2 days for welders and weld supervisors

Principles of physical metallurgy course

3 days for weld managers, weld supervisors and engineers


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